Hang Tuah

In west coast of Melayu Peninsula, there was a kingdom named Negeri Bintan. Hang Tuah was a boy that lived there. He was a diligent and brave kid. He always helped his parents to seek timber in the forest. Hang Tuah had four friends. They are Hang Jebat. Hang Lekir, Hang Lekiu, and Hang Kesturi. When they were adult, they often went together to the beach. They were interested with the sailing ships there. Thus, they wanted to become sailors. 

'"By becoming a sailor. we can visit othercountries,“ said Hang Tuah.

"You're right. I want to become a good sailor,“ said Hang Jebat. 

One day Hang Tuah and his friends sailed with their boat. 

“Look! There are three ships,” Hang Tuah shouted. 

Those ships was still far so they couldn't see clearly. Those ships got close. 

”Look at the flag. They are pirates," said Hang Tuah. 

“Let's fight them until we die,“ Hang Kesturi shouted. 

The pirates' ships drew near Hang Tuah's boat. 

“Let's be ashore. We can fight well there," Hang Tuah tried to arrange a strategy. 

0n the shore, Hang Tuah and his friends fought against the pirates. Every pirate had strong and muscular body. Nevertheless, they didn't make Hang Tuah and his friends afraid. Hang Tuah faced the leader of the pirates. 

“Hey little boy, just give up and throw your kitchen knife,” said the pirates' leader mockingly. 

Hang Tuah was very annoyed. He jumped quickly and stabbed the pirates' leader. The leader was killed. Then Hang Tuah and his friends defeated the other pirates. They could arrest five pirates. Some pirates escaped with their ship. 

Hang Tuah and his friends met the King of Bintan. They also brought the arrested pirates to him. King Bintan was so amazed with their boldness and strength. 

”I am very thankful to all of you. Now I want all of you to join the kingdom's arrny,‘I said the King. 

They had high ranks in the army. Several years later, Hang Tuah was elected as the commander of the navy. With his leadership, Bintan's navy became stronger. No country ever dares to attack Bintan. 

One day, King of Bintan wanted to marry a Majapahit's prince. 

'l want you to prepare an armada for the voyage to Majepahit,‘ the King asked Hang Tuah. 

”Sure, His Majesty." 

Hang Tuah arranged a strong armada to Majapahit. After everything had been ready, the King of Bintan got in the ship and started the voyage to Tuban. a Majapahit's harbor. The armada found no obstacles on the way to Tuban. Thus, the King of Bintan’s marriage could be held well. 

After the maniage, the King and his wife returned to Bintan. Hang Tuah was awarded the Admiral rank. lt made some of the palace's officer envious. They started to incite the King. They told him that Hang Tuah lived in luxury, often held parties, and spoiled the kingdom's wealth. The King was persuaded. Then he tired Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat from their position. Even the officers played both of them against another. They accused that Hang Jebat wanted to rebel to his country. Hang Tuah was shocked by the news. He visited Hang Jebat and tried to advise him. However, Hang Jebat was also persuaded by the ofhcers that Hang Tuah was his enemy. Hang Jebat then fought against Hang Tuah. it was the bad luck for Hang Jebat. He died in the tight. Hang Tuah regretted that he had killed his childhood friend. Nevertheless, the King of Bintan considered Hang Tuah as a Hero because he had killed the rebel. 

“Now, you are the commander of Bintan's navy again," said the King. 

One day, Hang Tuah had a duty to build a friendship between Bintan and India. He went to lndia with his armada. ln lndia he was asked by the King of indie to tame the wild horse. Hang Tuah was able to do it. The King and his troops were very amazed with his ability. . 

"i admit your ability. Send my best regards to your King," said the King of India 

l'Thank you, His Majesty,“ Hang Tuah replied. 

Hang Tuah continued his tour. Now he had a harder duty in China. The Chinese emperor was Khan. in the empire, nobody was permitted to face the emperor's face directly. At the dinner time, Hang Tuah asked the palace servant to give him vegetables for his food. When he wanted to put the food into his mouth, he raised his head. Thus, he could see the emperor's face. The empire's officers were so angry and they wanted to arrest Hang Tuah. 

“Hang Tuah, you disobey the rule! You are so impolite," One of the officers said loudly. 

They wanted to arrest Hang Tuah. However, the Emperor avoided them; even he praised Hang Tuah's intelligence. 

“Don’t arrest him, even i admit his cleverness. Hang Tuah, send my best regards to the King of Bintan,” said the Emperor Khan. 

Some other duties could be done by Hang Tuah welt. Then he had a heavier duty to ambush an anneda from the western country. The armada wanted to attack the eastern country, including Bintan. it was led by Admiral D'Almeida. The armada was Very strong and experienced. Hang Tuah ted his troops to fight against D‘Almeida's. Unfortunately, Hang Tuah was killed in the battle. D'Almelda shot him with the gun. 

Hang Tuah died as a here. Now he was regarded as a heroic tigure in lndonesia and Malaysia. 

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