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Users of Tiktok Prank Donald Trump

Users of Tiktok panks Donald Trump

Users Tiktok again attempted to prank the president of United States Donald Trump with a number of items in his online store. It was previously known that Tiktok's users had managed to vacate the campaign's venue, by carrying out a campaign ticket on the official website.

After purchasing the ticket, they are asked not to visit the event, so that the reserved seat becomes empty. As a result, only about 6,200 people are present, much lower than Trump's expectations.

TikTok's users are now allegedly filling their shopping cart with a ton of merchandise, such as "Baby Lives Matters" and "Make America Great Again" sweater, worth thousands of dollars, at Trump's online store. They will then leave the shopping cart so that the goods make it unavailable to others.

A series of new videos and uploads have begun circulating on social media platforms, such as TikTok and Twitter, with users requesting as many people as possible to go along with it in their latest efforts to thwart Trump's re-election campaign.

Some users, like @preveroni, even upload a "video tutorial," Explaining to other users how they can sabotage the Trump-owned online store.

"Great day out. It's a shame if everyone realizes that if they go to the Donald Trump merchandise store and fill their baskets with as many shopping as possible, and don't return to check out. It would be embarrassing, "he said in Twitter's reported tweet of the Malaysian Mail, Tuesday (30/6).

@Prevoni uploads have received over 2.8 million views in just four days. With many users commenting on how they have done the same thing as well. They also used these tactics in their attempts to ruin the Trump presidential campaign.

This tactic is known as ' inventory attack rejection ' or ' shopping cart abandonment, ' a potential customer initiates the checkout process for online booking but exits before completing a purchase.

According to Business Insider, it is estimated that online retailers lose 4.6 billion U.S. merchandise per year. Since the inventory patterns cause items to be labeled ' Sold out ' when in fact, there is still a wealth of product availability.

The Verge reported that this effort may now be considered ineffective because Trump's campaign site works differently. The report said to date, customers can change the number of items in their cart, but since then, items can no longer be added, probably due to the impact of the user TikTok.

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