Compete with former Manchester United, Lampard becomes a strong candidate for Everton coach

Compete with former Manchester United, Lampard becomes a strong candidate for Everton coach
Former Chelsea coach , Frank Lampard is reported to be a strong candidate to coach Everton along with his former team-mate in England, Wayne Rooney.

Launching from The Telegraph , Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney became strong candidates after Everton struggled to bring in their former coach, Roberto Martinez from the Belgian national team coaching chair.

The Belgian football association refused to release Martinez, who was asked to focus on carrying out his duties ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

This makes Everton also switch their options to Frank Lampard, who is currently unemployed and Wayne Rooney , who is the coach of Derby County.

However, of the two options, Everton are more inclined to choose Lampard who will be interviewed soon before being inaugurated as the new coach of The Toffees.

The reason, Rooney is currently still under contract with Derby County. In addition, this former player is also not quite slick when training The Rams.



So Everton will soon hold a meeting with Frank Lampard and his agent to discuss the coaching chair left by Rafael Benitez.

1. Rafael Benitez sacked by Everton

Rafael Benitez sacked by Everton

Everton have sacked Rafael Benitez from his position as coach. (Reuters/Peter Powell)

Rafael Benitez himself had to be sacked after Everton were stranded at the bottom of the table, precisely in the 16th place of the 2021-22 Premier League.

The defeat of the bottom team, Norwich City ended the tenure of Rafael Benitez, who only joined in the summer of 2021.

Rafael Benitez himself is actually still under contract until 2024. However, Everton is still being sacked in order to improve the team's chaotic condition since the start of the 2021-22 season.

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