5 Basic Makeup Tricks You Need to Know

5 Basic Makeup Tricks You Need to Know

As a woman, knowing the basic makeup is very important. It's true, not every day we have to wear makeup, but if there is a wedding invitation, reunion, gala dinner, yes, we must go to the salon for the perfect makeup. Ouch, this financial might break!

Therefore, you need to know basic makeup. At least have some beauty products to support it.

I once read one sentence, the basic makeup color that is similar to the original skin color is the real makeup capital. Do you agree? I'm really sorry.

Now, this is usually called natural flawless makeup. This basic cosmetology trend is hype because the face looks natural. An example of this makeup can be seen in Raisa's wedding or the most booming is Meghan Markle's marriage to Prince Harry.

Reporting from several fashion websites, Meghan's makeup is actually expensive! If converted to hundreds of millions. But, the results are worth it, OK?

Actually, you can also do this flawless makeup without the help of MUA as long as you know the basic makeup tricks. Sure, the results of makeup will make you happy. Confused as to what is basic makeup?

5 Basic Makeup Tricks can help you to get Celebrity Makeup

1. A clean start

Before putting on makeup, make sure your hands, makeup, and skin are clean. Clean face skin with cleanser and toner. While still moist, apply serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Keep in mind, for this whole skincare adjusts to your skin type, yes.

2. Optional, but it's important!

5 Basic Makeup Tricks You Need to Know

It could be that primary makeup is only said to be a compliment. However, for basic makeup to perform optimally, primary makeup can be used to disguise wrinkles, avoid the impression of oily skin and even skin tone.

If you have dull skin, use pink primary makeup to give the impression of brighter skin. The purple primary makeup is suitable for pale skin, while the green color can neutralize reddish skin. Owners of oily skin, there are primary makeup products called all matte or oil-free.

3. Picky concealer

5 Basic Makeup Tricks You Need to Know

Avoid using concealer excessively, because it will make the area of ​​the face to be disguised become more visible.

In the market, there are various concealer colors, such as purple, yellow, green, orange, and nude. The color is the basic color needed to neutralize the problem of facial skin.

3 Tips for choosing a concealer:

  • To neutralize the color of the facial skin that is problematic, you must use the opposite concealer color.
  • Bluish colors that tend to be dark under the eyes can be neutralized with an orange concealer, while redness such as acne scars or pimples can be neutralized with a green concealer. After that, coat again with a nude color concealer.
  • Only using a nude color concealer cannot disguise problematic skin colors.

4. Foundation electives

Using the right foundation color can make the skin look natural, not streaked, and doesn't look like a mask.

Buy a foundation during the day, use a white top to give a reflection of light on facial skin. Before buying, try the first 3 different foundation colors on the jaw area. Go outside the room. Choose a foundation color that is truly similar to the color of your skin.

If in doubt, you can ask for a sample of the foundation to try at home.


  • Avoid applying the foundation by dripping it first on several areas of the face before leveling it. In addition to triggering the foundation to dry easily, this method will make your face look striped. For maximum results, the foundation requires a combination of body heat and rapid blending techniques.
  • Apply foundation to the most important areas, such as under the eyes, chin, nose, and forehead. Use your fingers, beauty blend, or foundation brush so the appearance is even and looks natural.

5. Finish with loose powder

loose powder

Choose loose powder (powder) yellowish color to give the impression of a bright face. Apply with the help of a powder brush or sponge. If you use a sponge, use it by gently pat it all over your face.

Regarding cosmetology, this is indeed returned to each individual, yes. Some want to look bright, tanned but whatever it is, it's good for you to know these basic makeup tricks. It is also very important, in applying your makeup you are comfortable with the choice.

Good luck!

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