Why was spiderman so critical to Tony Stark in the comics?

Original Question: Why did Tony Stark need Spider-Man in the Avengers?
Tony Stark saw Spider-Man as a son (sort of).
He became the father figure for Peter Parker in the MCU. He saw a huge potential for greatness in Spider-Man. He saw his desire to do good.
That is what the first movie was about actually. In Spider-Man Homecoming, Peter faced a dilemma to either choose to do what is right or choose to do what he was told to do.

The passion that he saw in Peter, to do good, is what inclined Tony Stark to become his mentor and father figure. He wanted Peter to make the right decisions in his future and learn to be a great leader. He wanted Peter to realise that he isn't Spider-Man because he has the suit or he has Super Powers, he is Spider-Man because he chooses to do what is right in almost all scenarios and is always ready to help.
He wanted Peter to be better than he was. He wanted him to make the right choices always. He wanted him to be ready for the future. He was basically his mentor and father figure through out. That is why he had installed the Baby Wheels Protocol in his suit. He meant to grant him access to his capabilities slowly, once he was mature enough to choose whats right. He needed to know when it is right to use instant kill and when its essential to subdue his enemies.

Part of Tony's journey through his life was realising that his actions make him Iron Man, and not his suit. He wanted to make Peter realise this early on and be better than he was.

In the upcoming MCU movies, it is very likely that we will see Peter become mature and decisive. We will see him grow into who is supposed to be.
His passion and desire to do good is the key reason why he will be Spider-Man.

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