My English is very poor. What can I do?

I cannot tell your level of language from this question alone, so I will share some general guidelines for someone who is trying to improve their English.
1. Surround yourself with everything English
The sooner you get into an “English mode”, the easier it will get for you to improve your language skills. This includes everything from only listening to English songs in your car, watching YouTube videos in English, playing English word games, to changing the language to English on all your devices.
My English is very poor. What can I do?

2. Keep a notebook and a dictionary handy
When you are new to a language, you will often find that you are constantly bumping against a new unknown word. Have a notebook handy to write that word down for future notes and use a dictionary or a dictionary app on your phone to look up the meaning of that word if not immediately, then as soon as possible.
3. Use flashcards and post-it notes
Flashcards are great when you are trying to learn and test yourself on the newly-acquired vocabulary. You can use them not only for word definitions but also phrases and sentences that will help you better remember a word.
Use post-it notes to label everything around your house. Soon you will find that you know the names of all of the household items that surround you. That is no small feat.
4. Read
Yes, good old-fashioned reading is one of the best tools to help you improve your English. No matter what your level is at the moment, you can always find something to read. If you are a beginner, you can start by reading children’s books and poems. If you are intermediate, you can find short articles on topics of interest, adapted books, etc.
5. Attend English speaking clubs
Ask around to find out what English courses are offered in your area. You will find that many of those courses offer free speaking sessions. Take advantage of that opportunity to practice your language skills.
6. Practice with a native speaker
I cannot stress enough the importance of practice when it comes to improving your language skills. 

Enes Karaboga

Enes Karaboga

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