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Indonesian Folktale: Sangkuriang


Long long time ago, there was a princess named Dayang Sumbi. He had a son, Sangkuriang. The boy loved hunting. Every time he hunted, he was always accompanied by Tumang, his dog. Tumang was the beloved dog of the palace. Sangkuriang did not know that Tumang was actually a reincarnation of his father.

One day, Tumang refused to follow Sangkuriang's command. lt made Sangkuriang angry.

"You are against your master’s command. Go away and never come back," Sangkuriang chased his dog away. Then, he went home. Dayang Sumbi was so curious because she did not see Tumang.

"Where is Tumang?"
Sangkuriang told his mother that he had chased Tumang.
"I chased Tumang away because Tumang did not obey me."
'What? You're so carelessl”

Dayang Sumbi was so angry after hearing Sangkuriang’s story. She hit Sangkuriang's head with a wooden spoon. lt left a scar on his head. Sangkuriang felt annoyed and he decided to leave the palace.

"Mother, you hurt me. it's better for me to leave this palace."

Dayang Sumbi did not say anything. Sangkuriang left the palace and wandered. He was given strength so he could overcome every obstacle on the way.

Dayang Sumbi was so sorry because she had made her beloved son go away.

"Why could l hurt him? He is my only son. l h0pe someday he will be back."

She decided to be an ascetic. She prayed to God alla the time. One day, God gave her a gift. She would have an eternal beauty and never grow old.

After wandering for years. Sangkuriang decided to come back to his home. He found that the place had changed totally. He even met a pretty girl. Actually, the girl was Dayang Sumbi. Sangkuriang was amazed by her beauty and asked her to be his wife, Dayang Sumbi was also astonished Sangkuriang's good-looking appearance. Nevertheless. she hadn’t decided whether she accepted his marriage proposal.

One day, Sangkuriang asked permission to go hunting. He also asked Dayang Sumbi to put his headband in order. Dayang Sumbi was shocked when she saw a scar on Sangkuriang‘s forehead. lt was exactly like her son's scar.

“Oh My God, he is Sangkuriang, my own son. I can't be his wife," Dayang Sumbi murmured.

Dayang Sumbi tried to cause Sangkuriang's plan fail. When Sangkuriang once more asked whether Dayang Sumbi accepted his proposal, she said.

"I have two requirements that you must fulfill." 
"What are they?" 
"At first, you have to dam up the Citarum River." 
“All right. What’s next?" 
"You must make a big boat to cross the river. You have to finish your work before daylight." 
"I'll do everything you want."

Sangkuriang meditated in a quiet place. He called many supernatural creatures to help him. They worked very fast. lt made Dayang Sumbi worry.
"I have to stop their work."

Dayang Sumbi asked her servants to pound the mortar. Hearing the pounding, the cocks awoke and started to crow. They guessed that the morning had come and so did Sangkuriang.

"What a trouble, the morning has come and I can't finish my job. I can't marry her," said Sangkuriang angrily.

His anger grew bigger and bigger. With his supernatural power, he broke the dam he had built and kicked the boat that hadn't yet been finished. The boat flew and fell on a place. The place became a mount that is called Tangkuban Perahu. It is located in West Java - Indonesia.

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